autumn-leafesMiss I: Dear Miss Autumn, I am so pleased to meet you. I believe every town is looking forward to seeing you again. How was your year?
Miss Autumn: Very good and very creative, thank you for asking. I was quite busy all year, preparing for the new season. I had lots of to-do lists, wanted to make everything cozy and shiny for the new fall. There was plenty of work in the Fog Factory, hours and hours of wonderful colouring and experimenting with new autumn shades of yellow and red, delivering pumpkins and chestnuts, transporting raindrops…

gikgo-treeMiss I: It seems to me that you are very organized. Do you always have everything under control?
Miss Autumn: Well, almost always. There was only one incident this year, with the leaves of the Ginkgo trees. In autumn, these leaves turn a beautiful golden hue. But this year, they were protesting against it! For some unexplained reason they wanted to remain green! It took some time to bring them to their senses – they refused to change their mind until Miss Spring came and talked to them (the leaves of the Ginkgo tree are very fond of Miss Spring).

cinamonn-cloudMiss I: Every year you prepare a little surprise for your fans. Did you bring anything new this season?
Miss Autumn: I’ve had the most wonderful idea but Mother Nature didn’t like it very much. I wanted to bring Cinnamon Clouds with me this year – small clouds that would appear on every autumn Sunday and sprinkle cinnamon on people’s hot chocolates, caramel lattes, cupcakes… But Mother Nature warned me that probably many people would sneeze a lot because of those clouds. Well, I guess she’s right.

Miss I: What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?
Miss Autumn: I love knitting. Miss Winter taught me how to knit few years ago and since then I’m crazy about it. Knitting sweaters and scarves with soft wool yarn is my favourite thing in the world. I have already made Christmas gifts for everyone!

Miss I: Do you ever go on a vacation?
Miss Autumn: I went on a short vacation in April to visit Miss Spring in the Northern Hemisphere but it seemed nobody wanted me there so I quickly returned home. I didn’t mind, I am not a big fan of vacations anyway.

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Miss I: There were some rumours about you dating Mr Snow. Is this true?
Miss Autumn (blushing): Well, I do like Mr Snow, he is quite a gentleman. We went on a few dates last year but it just didn’t work. Every time we went for a cup of coffee, he was too hot and I was too cold. We just couldn’t find the right temperature.

Miss I: What would you say to those people who don’t like autumn very much?
Miss Autumn: I would like to apologize to them for all the rainy days and cool weather. I know many people don’t like rain (especially when it ruins their good hair day). But rain means mushroom season is on. And I love mushrooms! I hope that those who don’t like rain at least like all the wonderful autumn colours and wonderful autumn food. Autumn can be so nice and cozy, once you learn to enjoy it.

Miss I: When you say ‘nice and cozy’, what do you have in mind?slika-4
Miss Autumn (grinning happily): Cozy nights, cinnamon, lovely sweaters, crispy apples, romantic foggy walks, golden leaves, pumpkin soups, rainy movie nights… Oh, is there anything more beautiful than a good movie or a good book under the blanket on a cold and rainy night?

Miss I: I totally agree with you, Miss Autumn. Speaking of movies, what is your favourite autumn movie?
Miss Autumn: Hm, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure I can decide since there are so many good movies, but I will tell you my number one autumn tv series! It’s Northern Exposure, situated in Cicely, Alaska. (Ask Miss Winter, she will recommend it too). It’s the most magical thing to watch during autumn and winter. And don’t forget to make some tea and coffee cake – they go amazingly well with the enchanting life of Cicely.

Miss I: It seems to me that you love cooking as well? What is your favourite autumn meal?
Miss Autumn: I love experimenting with food and flavours and every season I come up with some new recipes and combinations (this year I’m crazy about pumpkins!) but my absolute all-time favourite are fried apple rings sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon! Such a simple dish, yet it works wonderfully as a warm dessert on a cold day!

Miss I: Dear Miss Autumn, this was my final question. Thank you so much for your time. Before we finish, do you have any message for the readers?
Miss Autumn: Be happy, be cozy and don’t forget your umbrella! 🙂

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